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Jul 26 2013

Prescott-Devil’s Pantry

Deep fried heaven! After we arrived in Prescott, we decided to grab some lunch. We walked around, checking out some restaurants and looking at their menus. As we walked by, the Devil’s Pantry caught our eye. When we walked up to the window, it said there was a Bacon Fest! Tater was all for that!


So Tater, of course, ordered a Bacon wrapped double fried corn dog, with fries. I was a little safer, and got chicken strips. I’m not a big fan of bacon. Tater scarfed down the whole thing quickly and was on to her fries in no time! It was delicious, but definitely not healthy!


We loved this restaurant and will probably come back next time! They have great service, the food is delicious, and all the employees were sociable and polite! The whole family loved it, and our parents already promised us we could go next time!!!