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Feb 22 2014

Prescott- Hampton Inn

As soon as we got to the hotel we changed and went to the pool. Tater and I jumped in and started playing with one of the balls, bouncing it back and forth. It was fun trying to beat our record, swimming around, and of course racing! After that we ate dinner, got into our P.J.s and as soon as our head hit the pillows, we were out like lights!


 The rooms were pretty nice, and so were the employees.The room was clean, the bathroom was spacious so we could all get ready for bed at once, and the water was always hot when we took showers.  I’m guessing that the beds were comfy because we were asleep within two seconds.  There wasn’t anything bad about our stay, or the hotel, it was a great hotel and a great place to go to after a long day.


                                                             -Tater & Bug